Mischief Does!

Hello! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the pictures! It's not strictly a game...but hopefully you'll have fun looking at my antics! To see Silver's comment hover over the picture.
Here we go!

Attention Seeker Mucho!"I died, mummy!"
Look at those ears...!"WAHHH! Mummy I was getting my premier entry and I fell over! :'(""
Wahoo! Got Pr entry!"Look mum! I did it!"

I didn't think the CHEW toy was for licking!"Mmm....tasty...."

Clever! Shame it's the wrong way though...!"Look mum! Did it again!"

Clumsy Oaf...:oP":'( I fell over again! and I hurt myself *whimper*"

Hmm...well I don't know what happened there!"AHHHHHHHHH! Where's my other eye?! Help! I'm blind!"

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