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*waves paw* Hi everyone! My name's Clint. Now, I'm an insane type of doggy. I take after my owner you know *nods sincerely* and I- *The other dogz shout "Get on with it!"!* Anyway, enough of that. Basically the aim of this section is you can fire any questions you like at me. They can be about anything, no matter how insane! No technical questions please. Those should go to Silver at the FAQ. All the questions will be posted here, on my page! So use the form below to ask...and there we go!

Things you have asked

Do you like chasing Mice or Catz better?
Hmm...well, I've been brought up with catz. Sometimes they're fun to chase though...mice are usually hogged by the catz. Especially a certain calico...In short, they're both fun to chase.

Are you thick?
Are you? I can type and read English! How many thick Dogz do you know that can do that?

What is your favourite colour of breed?
Chocolate Labrador of course! ^_~

Do you love me?
Do I know you?

Is Emma a rare dog like in color and stuff?
If you can find the Flat-Coated Retriever breedfile not at all, but I'm told it's quite difficult to locate at the moment...

Do you like music?
Yeah baby yeah! I love to jive to the music box. Or listen to some romantic stuff with a female dog ^_~

Do you have downloads that let you download Catz 4?
CATZ?! CATZ?! *Ahem* Dogz are superior ^_~

Do u like any girl dogs?
Of course! But that would be telling *Winks at she who shall rename nameless*

What do you like the best out of the following: Peanut Butter, Cheese, or Pumpkin dog treats?
Hmm...pumpkin dog treats in between 2 slices of cheese held together with peanut butter?

Are you sweet?
Sweet in what sense? ^_^

As an insane doggi, do you like to frantically run after sticks and retreieve them just so they can be thrown again?
Sometimes it's fun to retrieve them...sometimes it's fun to look at Silver after she's thrown it with that "You except me to fetch it? You threw it, fetch it yourself!" expression ^^

Why do cows go moo?
Because if they went baa they'd be sheep?

Can you speak chinese? I can speak 5 languages and read 3! No joke!
Wow! I can speak 2; Dog and English ^_^

Do you like Catz?
Of course ^_^ Silver owns some very cute calicoes and a nice persian. Great fun to play with! (And chase...*achem*)

What is your favorite toy to play with?
Hmm...that's a difficult one! I like the stick, most balls...oo and the boomerang! I can catch the boomerang ^_^

Can I adopt you?
Nope, sorry! I'm here to stay ^_^

Can you fly?
Nope! No wings or feathers you see.

How old are you?
Well I was born on 22nd June 2000, so I'm 4 years old!

Are u a boy, or girl?
*Pretends to look offended* You'd mistake me for a girl?! I'm as much a boy boy can be!

Im looking for a mouse have you seen one?
Well that would be telling ^_~ There was one round here somewhere though *nods*

What breed are you?
Labrador ^_^

Are you a father?
Yup! Over the years I've fathered many puppies.

Do you have a cat best friend?
No best friend as such, but I get on with most of Silver's catz!

Why do dogs go bow wow?
Because if they went quack quack they'd be ducks, of course!

Can hosts breed with petz?
Nope! They can't breed in either Petz 4 or 5.

Do you like PS2?
Unfortunately I only have a PS1, but I love that!

In dogz5, what is your favorite mini game?
Hmmm....agility's fun, I haven't tried them all yet though so I'll get back to you.

Have you seen Waldo?
Waldo? As in Uncle Waldo from Aristocats? No...ah well, no idea what you're talking about then :-D

I'm looking for a wool ball.Have you seen it?
Might have done....might not *grins innocently*

What's with your name, Clint?
A dog called Clint the rescue centre Silver volunteered at. He was a lovely dog, but there for over a year. Silver really liked him, so I was named after him!

Which is better, fish or socks?
Socks, of course. Especially with sauce on...mmm...

Have you ever tried to write about your day, and you only end up with about a paragraph?
Oh yes, many a time! I fear I shall never be a great writer *sniffs*, but no matter - I can chase my tail!

Do you have a bird?
A bird? *Blinks* Silver has an African Grey til September...

What are your puppies names?
Ooo, I've had so many puppies over the years I can't possibly remember all their names *lol*

Do you like playing with puppies?
Most of the time I love it, especially if they're my own! Sometimes they can get a little annoying, to a mature dog like me though ^_~

Are you a show dog? If so, do you have any titles? Are you PKC Registered?
Yup, yup and yup! I'm a pose show SGCh and in PKC I'm a Ch, OD and ChPC ^_^

What is your greatest talent?
Hmm...I'm multi-talented ^_~ *Laughs hysterically*

Have you ever tried to wear multicoloured bows?
Can't say that I have....

When did you die?
Die? I'm dead? AHHHHHHH! How cool....

Which do you prefer, daddy or chips?
Hmm...*thinks for 0.0001 seconds* Chips :-D

Have you been on other Dogz programs, like 3 or 4?
Yup! I was born in Dogz 3 and have been in 3, 4 and 5.

What came first the chicken or the egg?
Well the chicken must have come first because there was no-one to lay the egg otherwise, but then there was nothing for the chicken to hatch from so it must have been the egg but then there was nothing to lay the egg so it must have been the chicken but then there was no-

Are you gay? Because in one of your answers u said "Or listen to some romantic stuff with a male dog" I thought you were a male?
Oops LOL - just a small typo on Silver's part ^_~ All fixed now

What are your favourite treats?
Well I'm a Labrador, so anything's good :-D

Have you ever thought about being a comedian?
Sometimes I dream ;-) But my career as a show dog keeps me busy, at the moment.

Do you eat mice?
Mice?! Mice?! Who do you think I am *huff* ^_~

Do you have any siblings?
Not really...I'm a 1st generation adoption centre dog, so I suppose in a way all the 1st gen adoption centre labradors are related to me!

Duumm, do yoo like peenut butta? *holds out a sticky goo of peanut butter out to you* Ish gud. *nods*
LOL let me at it :-D's stuck to my paws....

Are any of your puppies mixes, if they are what dogs put together?
Oh gosh yes...I've sired lots of mixed breeds over the years! I can't remember all of them, but definitely Dachshund...a lot of other breeds too, but I haven't sired any except Dachshund in a long while so I can't remember them lol ^_~

How big is Your Brain? many eyes do you have??
I have two eyes plus two spare ^_^ part's

What's your middle name?
I've never been given one! Do you have any ideas?

What's your favorite food?chicken?kibble?
Well being a Labrador....whichever food I'm eating at the time you ask the question!

What would you do if you were entered in two shows, and you got BIS in one of them, and nothing in the other?
I'd be absolutely delighted with the BIS and so wouldn't care about the other one!

Are you a Dog?
No. I'm a lesser spotted chocolate eating ultra rare extremely friendly gojangle ^^

Can dogz of different generations breed? For instance, can a 2nd generation dog and an 8th gen. dog have puppies?
They can indeedy!

Who is your mother?
Far into the distance, a long long time ago....what's that? Sorry! Who's my mother? No-one knows!

Are you a mix breed or not?
I most certainly am not ^^ Purebred Labrador by name and by nature!

Do you answer all questions?
I do try. Occasionally I get a question which isn't suitable and those do not get answered, but otherwise yes indeed I do

How can you be clever and insane at the same time?
Insane?! Insane?! *Runs round in circles chasing tail* Who are you calling insane?

Who is your girlfriend? I demand a name!
*Blushes* Weeeeeeeell.....*lowers voice* that would be the rather wonderful and lovely Clem ^_^

What colour is air?
Umm...air colour of course!

Do you hate Valentine's day?
I think it's been a bit commercialised but it's nice to spend a romantic day listening to the music box in the room covered in heart wallpaper with the one you love! LOL how corny did that sound...

do you like pizza? And what are your favorite toppings?
CHEESE! Cheeeeeeese! Did I mention cheese? Mmm cheese...*drools*

Do you canoe?
Bit difficult with paws. I tend to capsize...

What do you prefer, dog food or treatz?
Treats all the way! But I'd never turn down a bowl of dog food either ^_~

Do dogz ever die in the game?
I'm going to die?! AHHHH *runs round screaming* Oh, it's ok. Silver says dogz never die XD

Can brother's and sisters have puppies?
Yup, just the same way as any other pair of dogz!

Can you do any tricks?
Yup! Too many to list here *brags!*

Are you an alien dog?
Well the story goes that I was born on Mars in 1811 and then I ca- erm, I mean no of course not!

What is your favourite breed of dog...apart from the Labrador... any others?
Hmm...based on petz I get on best with probably Pomeranian and Dachshund

Can you teach me a word in dog language?
What's the magic word? ^_~ Maybe that's a good word to teach, actually. Arroooo-woof-roof is please.

Do you have a father?
Somewhere I must, but alas I never knew him. Maybe he was a Labrador like myself, maybe a 3 headed dragon. Whatever he may be, I know I would have loved him.

Do you like catz?
Very much, but I can't eat a whole one.

Do you like Ratz?
Never had the pleasure of meeting one!

Can you eat lesser spotted dog fish?
Dog fish? AHHHHHHHH!

Have you ever met any Labs?
Loads and loads! I've had lots of labby girlfriends, but *cough* don't tell Clem.

Can I adopt one of your pups?
Of course you can ^_^ There are usually some up on the litters page.

Do you think you'll ever be famous enough to get your own theme park like Mickey Mouse?
You bet! I've already got the plans drawn up, just need to find someone to put them into practice now...

Why is red called red and blue called blue?
Hmm...because if red were called blue and blue called red then red would be blue and blue would be red which would mean that red wouldn't be red and blue wouldn't blue, you see?

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