Sunshine Poison Petz Review - Tie-Dye Petz

Love at first site - Ooo...petz background! Cool! & two viewing options - excellent! (I view 1024x768 :) *Click* Oooo! SWEET LAYOUT! *Is very impressed* I love how it's made up to look like the Petz program. That totally rocks. :)
Points: 5/5

Content - WOW! There is SO much to do! *Tries to think of what to check out first* Guess I'll start from the beginning. :) Coooool... *Looks for an hour* I LOVE all your link to Tie-Dye Petz banners! That's awesome how you have all different sizes & shapes! FAQ! get asked a lot of questions! Great answers though! *Looks at other pages* Sweeeet...but I gotta comment on them in other sections of this review! *Hehe* Overall, good job!
Points: 30/30

Originality - Wide variety of petz available for adoption - good! TONS of contests & games! plus the layout is very unique!
Points: 10/10

Contact - DEFINITELY full points! :) Clique, contact page, members page (even though it's closed :), pawbook (very cute!!), & a poll! I voted, I voted in the poll! Whee!!!! *Lol* Okie, don't mind me...*cough*
Points: 5/5

Layout - Wonderful. No more needed to be said. :)
Points: 15/15

Rules/updates - Yay! Updated recently! & yay again! There's a link to SPP! *Hehehe* Thank you!
Points: 5/5

Adoptions - Like, a zillion petz up for adoption! & they're all sooo cute! Plus, you give tons of information about each pet which is good for people like me who care! *Lol* I applied (& got) Dog! Yay! Extra points! J/k. *Hehe*
Points: 15/15

Showz - have to join a group? Well, whatever works. :)

Points: 12/15

Extra - 1 point cuz of the awesome layout, organization, etc & 1 point for sending me Dog!! *Lol* J/k. It's for all the cute adoptions & other cool stuff.

Points: 2/0

Thank you so much for letting me review Tie-Dye Petz! Your site is gorgeous & it's obvious you've put a lot of work into it. :) I thoroughly enjoyed going through it & will be sure to return in the near future!

Overall score: 99/100