RCK Review - Tie-Dye Petz

5 Points:
First Impression: Does it catch the eye?
-The fading in and out, on your entrance is very cool. But the purple on a white background doesn't look very inviting.
Your main page looks awsome!

10 Points:
Layout: Is it neat, does it look nice, ect.
-I love your frames. You sister site links are adorable. The white text on the purple are very easy to read. You also don't have those awful lines, that shows each of the frames, it all goes together very well.

10 Points:
Links: Are they all going somewhere?
-All of your sister site links are going somewhere. All of your menu links are going somewhere.

10 Points:
Images: Are there any broken images, ect.
-It doesn't look like you have any broken images, and no white backgrounds.

10 Points:
Content: Do have the normal content of a petz site, ect.
-You seem to have all the normal content. Shows, adoptions, downloads.

15 Points:
Originality: Is it original, do you have something no one else does, ect.
-I LOVE the seperate pages you have for each of your petz. They're very neat, I've never seen them like that before.
-Your buttons and cliques are cute.
-I love your layout!!!!!!!!!!

Overall your site was great. It was clean, neat, I was even impressed with your message bored. *lol* Your Dali litter is also adorable.

Total Score: 57/60