Enchanted Legacy Review - Tie-Dye Petz

First Immpresion -- Well, I've been to Tie-Dye Petz before, so this won't exactly be my first immpression, anyhow, ever since the first time a did come here the has been my apsolute favorite petz site. I love everything about it! 5/5

Layout -- I love it! I love it! I love it! It's original, cute, and I can understand the navigation. The music notes playpen background... ooo... I havn't used that one for awhile.... it looks very good as a background. (Extra points for being original) 12/10

Content -- A lot. Win an award... a lot on the about pages. A clique. Lots of ways to get in contact, plus the question/problem, and the broken link forms. Well, you have a forum too... An interative story... fun fun! 'Ask Emma'... heehee... cute... almost as cute as Emma! 'Mischief does'... very funny! LMAO at the humor, espicially the Only In America part.. it's so true, so true... I didn't know politics ment 'Many Bloodsucking Creatures'.... heehee. Pawbook instead of a guestbook... that's interesting! I don't understand the Spirited section at all... well, that's probally just me... heehee. 10/10

Adoptions -- So many... and you can play with them! There are also downloadables. Aww... they're so cute! And lots of litterz! You have a lot about the petz. WOW! That's a lot of petz on the Party Adoption page... it took my *very old* computer forever to load... lol. (extra points for having more adoptions then I have ever seen on a petz site) 6/5

Shows-- Well, they're on a Yahoo! Group... okay... Well, since I'm to lazy to sign into Yahoo! I'll just trust it's good and give you full points 5/5

Overall: Still my favourite petz site... what more can I say? Its been a pleasure reviewing Tie-Dye Petz! 38/35