Past Remodels

We have been around as Tie-Dye Petz since July 2001 and so far we are on our 5th Version. Yes I know I don't remodel a's all in the content ;-) All previous remodels will be shown below =) Click on the minimised pictures for a full size screenshot.

7th September 2001 - 7th April 2002
This was the first layout of Tie-Dye Petz. Well, technically there was one before it but..yes...don't worry about that! When I first put it up I loved it, but after a few months I got bored of it!

7th April 2002 - 7th September 2002
This was the 2nd layout of Tie-Dye Petz. Simple, and very purple. This was the last layout that didn't have a name.

7th September 2002 - ??? March 2003
This was the 3rd version of Tie-Dye Petz, titled Petz Playpen was like the Petz Playpen from the game ^_~. I got a lot of compliments on this layout ^^

??? March 2003 - 1st July 2003
This was the 4th layout of Tie-Dye Petz. Simple, and suits the name very well. It was, rather imaginatively, titled "Tie-Dyed".

1st July 2003 - 5th November 2004
This was the 5th layout of Tie-Dye Petz, titled Marooned and Purple. The title always makes me think "stranded and blue" when I read it ;-) This layout was up for a very long time; I liked it and I was having a few issues at the time which prevented me from changing it.

5th November 2004 - 15th December 2005
This was the 6th layout of Tie-Dye Petz, I called it Aqua. A bit something and nothing really! I got a new computer which was widescreen and discovered the layout didn't work properly on it, so down it came ;-) The actual layout was better quality than that image - the blue border around the left and bottom was much smoother and not blocky.

7th June 2006 - present
This was the 7th layout of Tie-Dye Petz, I called it It Takes Blue - terrible pun on "It Takes Two". I originally made it in August 2002 and dug it up in July 2005, altered it almost beyond recognition and voila!