Molly & Meg the Guinea Pigs

Molly and Meg are the bestest Guinea Pigs in the world ^_~ they were born at West Hatch RSPCA centre in March 2001. They were the only baby Guinea Pigs in at the time, with their sister and brother (4 in total). At just a couple of months old they were fortunate enough to appear, with me, on television! We were on Pet Rescue, with Wendy Turner-Webster (Anthea Turner's sister). It was a fantastic experience! That was May, and when we were done filming I took my babies home for the first time! They quickly settled down, and have now developed very individual personalities. Molly is very noisy - if you put her on your lap she'll run about and squeak, whereas Meg's the complete opposite - the strong silent type! Unless I'd told you, you would never know they were sisters to look at them. Meg's a semi-long haired tricolour and Molly's a shorthaired mismarked Dutch (black and white). Here's a photo!

In July 2004 Meg became very thin. I gave her probiotic powder and antibiotics but unfortunately they didn't help at all. On 27th July I put her to bed not expecting her to survive the night, she didn't and I found her dead on the morning of the 28th :-(

Molly missed her sister so much that on (date?) I went up to the RSPCA to help and came home with a neutered boar for her! She's happier than she's ever been, I think it's true love ;-)

In May 2006 when I had Molly out one day I noticed she was absolutely soaking all down her front and upon closer examination was drooling. She was slightly off her food but nothing too significant. I took her to the vets on the 11th but the vet couldn't find anything wrong with her, so gave me antibiotics which I gave to her and she got much better, though was never quite her old self. At that point I knew that our days together were numbered, though she hung on perfectly happily for another 6 weeks. She'd been fine the evening before, then on the morning of the 21st June (day before my 18th birthday - fantastic!) she was very unwell. I cuddled her, told her how much I'd miss her and that I loved her and then put her back in a nice warm hay nest with Boris. She died later that day.

I had a fantastic 3 years with Meg and 5 years with Molly, they taught me things about guinea pigs that no book could, gave me the opportunity to appear on television and compete in our first guinea pig show (where Molly took 2nd in her class!). Fondly remembered x