Holly, Ivy & Star the Mice

Holly, Ivy and Star were sisters. They were all black and white with black eyes, but their markings were very different, so it was easy to tell them apart! They were brought into the RSPCA Centre at West Hatch, Somerset, UK when they were just a few days old, and were part of a litter of eleven. There were 5 girls and 6 boys, plus mum. They were born on November 6th 1999.

In May 2000 I knew Bob was getting old, so mum and dad let me get another pair of mice. I wanted females, and when we went to look in the tank, it said that 4 of the 6 females were left. That was fine, it meant I could take two and leave two for someone else to rehome! I went to find one of the animal care assistants and we took the lid off the tank. As we looked we discovered there were only 3 mice in there! After a quick panic he said one must have been rehomed and the name not crossed off! Mum and dad discussed it, and eventually decided it wasn't fair just to leave one on it's own, and I could have all three!

I got them home and they were very entertaining to watch, running about all over the tank. They loved the wheel, and wore their first one out!

Here are pictures of Holly, Ivy and Star!

Coming soon...got to scan them in ;-)

In August 2000 Star grew a lump. At first I hoped it was just an abscess, but it was a cancerous tumor and on August 14th 2000 she had to be put to sleep. She didn't suffer, and was running on the wheel till the end! She was only just 9 months, but I knew I'd given her a good life.

Holly and Ivy still had each other, and they were very happy!

In August 2001 (I'm telling you, it's a fated month! ;o)) Ivy died, also of a cancerous tumor. However, she died naturally, without having to be euthanased.

Even though Holly was now on her own she still was very happy, and grew quite tame!

However, Holly died a couple of months later (November) completely naturally, of old age =)

I miss them, but I know I gave them a good life which is all that matters, really!