Cookie the Syrian Hamster

Cookie came to me on Sunday 2nd March 2003. A few weeks before my parents had said I could have a hamster, but he was a complete surprise! Like all my other small animals he came from West Hatch RSPCA Centre. Cookie's a lovely hamster, and soon speeds up when he's been out for a while, though when in his cage he sleeps almost all the time! He also loves his I have a fat, lazy hamster *g* back to the diet plan...

On the night of 4th June 2005 I went bed and just before I woke up the next morning I had a dream that mum came in and told me they were pretty sure Cookie had died in his sleep. I went to check him and he wasnít dead, nearly but not quite.

Imagine my surprise when upon waking up mum comes in and says exactly that, in exactly the same words she used in my dream. I take a look at him (part of him is sticking out of his house) and canít see him breathing, I canít bare to explore further yet so I say to mum ďjust leave him in peace for the moment.Ē Which, I admit, is probably a strange thing to say about something thatís no longer alive.

A couple of hours later I pluck up courage and go over to his house and stroke him down the bit of his back thatís sticking out of his house. He doesnít move but I think I can feel some pulsating, so I lift some of the bedding off and he moved! Only very slightly, he was practically dead.

What made it even odder is somehow he managed to hang on to life all through that day and died the night/morning of June 6th - five years to the day since Bob, my first pet, died. I swear he knew :-)